50's High School Musical

Well hello people! only an Outfit of the Day post today, and here it is! Not exactly colour co-ordinated, but let’s face it, did any high school sweetheart really care what colour her Jock’s letterman jacket was as long as she had it and no other girl, and neither do I!  Another charity shop bargain at £4, but originally Inspire for New Look. BIG Love S xxx

Men are most definitely from Mars!!!

I had the dentist today…. Not very exciting, had an old filling drilled out and refilled, no injection I might add (tough as old boots me!).  Anyway, I was most impressed when one of the Receptionist complimented me on my style, said how much she liked it, realised it was 50’s, probably because she promotes the 40’s style when she can. Anyway, I came home, told the hubster about what she had said and about the 50’s style I was,[Read more]

Glad I Stuck With It!

I bought a skirt from a lovely lady I’ve found via good old FB. It was originally handmade over in the US, and the lady I bought it from never got a chance to wear it as it ended up being too big. When I received it I thought “WOW”, but it just seemed a bit on the snug side. I was concerned it would end up being an impulse buy which I wouldn’t feel happy wearing and it would[Read more]

Could've Been Worse!

So, today I had my appointment with my Dietician.  I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but the big question was how bad was it going to be?????? I had to cancel my last appointment (good old half term), so I hadn’t been since September, and in those 2 months had SEVERELY fallen off the wagon…. The devil that is bacon, cheese & chips have all passed my lips on one too many occasions, so here I was thinking[Read more]

Gotta Love Debenhams!

So I was sat eating my lunch (very nice cheesy chips I  might add), doing my daily news catch up on Yahoo! and there it was…. A high street store finally accepting not everyone is a size Zero!  Now I will patiently await the very first size 24 mannequin! http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/video/debenhams-introduces-plus-size-mannequins-162438020.html?vp=1 I am also aware that I have been exceptionally slack in my posts of late.  Every day life is just too damn hectic, but I do try and regularly post[Read more]