#100HappyDays – Introduction

In my continued journey to self acceptance, and having seen a tweet recently centred around 100 Happy Days (find out more about it here), and thinking what a fab idea it was, I have been considering over the past week to sign up and take part.  Following the  most severe case of Monday Blues today (just call me Grumperella), it has made me even more determined to count my blessings and find at least one thing each day which puts a smile on my face! This personal[Read more]

Hannah is Shaving her Head for Charity ** Blogger Charity Challenge Post **

Today it is all about Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion.  Hannah is one of the many amazing ladies I have met (albeit in the cyber sense) since I have found this uber awesome community of Plus Size Bloggers!  I always knew from the off that she was pretty incredible, but she is now about to take herself beyond the realms of awesomeness and do something that deserves the utmost respect.  She wanted to do something for a local charity, one that[Read more]

#OMCZ 29 – Pretty in Pastels

I almost forgot about this weeks #OMCZ post…. Where has the time gone??  There I lay in bed at approximately 11:30pm Tuesday night thinking to myself “Mmm…. we must be due an #OMCZ post soon….”, checked my emails and it would seem I was correct….. tomorrow…… Arghhhhh!!!!  Needless to say, I was not prepared and this has made me late with my post, and with added issues with WordPress yesterday, I am posting two days late… Better late than never[Read more]

More Payday Week Wish List Look Books…. Yours Clothing

At the risk of boring the pants off you, but due to the fact there is so much gorgeousness out there with the changing seasons, I bring to you yet more wish list look books, and today it is the turn of Yours Clothing!  I have always fancied a pair of hareem pants, but being severely vertically challenged I’ve always been worried they would be too long…. I wonder if a cropped pair might just be the perfect fit??? White Gypsy Tee[Read more]