Fashion World Wish List: Frocks…. Frocks…. and MORE Frocks!!!!

In my every lasting quest to find the perfect frock for my 40th night out in May…. Did you know I was turning 40 this year….. Lol!  I stopped by Fashion World, as I’m often seeing many a blog post from my fellow bloggettes featuring some really lovely pieces, and during my little Cyber Window Shop, I was not disappointed.  So, I thought I would put together a little wish list, just featuring my fave frocks from what is currently[Read more]

Curvissa Wish List….

Earlier this week I was very lucky to be invited to the Curvissa #CurvissaPlusport event they are holding on Saturday 15th March, having teamed up with @CURVE_PROJECT.  Unfortunately, due to Hubby’s work commitments, and Mini Me’s Social commitments, I will be on Mummy Duty, so unable to attend this time, but hope very much to be included in any future events!!! So, in the meantime, I thought I would put together a little Curvissa Wish List based around their new arrivals for[Read more]

#OMCZ 28 – Bring Your High Heels!

So a fortnight has passed again….. Where does the time go when you are having fun?!  And it is time for the #OMCZ post, and this week’s theme was chosen by Mary and this is what she said about it: I know that heels make our feet hurt and sometimes is quite difficult to walk however, is there anything more stylish than a woman in high heels? You may have a simple dress and no accessories but if you put your heels on you[Read more]

On the Cat Walk at Taking Shape's Spring Event

Apologies for being abit AWOL this weekend….. I was greedy with the red wine at a friend’s birthday bash Friday night; amazingly made Mini Me’s Ballet Class for 09:30am Saturday morning, definitely more by luck than judgement! Dashed off to Peterborough to help my good pals out at the Taking Shape Store with their Spring Event…. Modelling and discounts galore! Which meant Sunday most definitely had to be a day of rest…. I’m heading to 40 don’t you know…. Lol! Anyhoo….[Read more]

Magnificent 7th March Challenge – Sport Relief

‘We will be posting on the 7th of each month, and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit the theme, using clothes from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won’t end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!’ Myself and the word “Sport” don’t normally go together…. Even when I was at school, it was almost like[Read more]