Money Saving Monday – Week 2 (Late Post)

Hello Cherubs! As you will already be aware if you follow me regularly, I have embarked on a much need and overdue spending ban, and the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog suggested a few of us turn it into a little blog challenge!  You can find week one here. I am very glad to say that I have stuck to my guns on this one, which is as surprising to me as it will be to anyone who[Read more]

Vlog vs Blog ft

Thanks to the amazing Debz over at Wannabe Princess a few of us have decided to spice things up a bit and do some video blogs (aka Vlog) instead of the norm…. As I am always up for trying new things, after some apprehension, I decided to give it a go, so here is mine! Make sure you check out the other ladies taking part in the challenge: Debz – Wannabe Princess Lucia – U Can’t Wear That Mookie – Mookie’s[Read more]

Love EVERY Body Workshop – Assignment #8 – Skin

Love EVERY Body is a monthly body positivity workshop, set up by the absolutely fabulous Leah, FOR ALL BODY SIZES where we will attempt to slowly chip away at the body snark which permeates the media, water cooler conversations at work, and so many of women’s thoughts.  You can find more info on the workshop here. I am really late with this month’s assignment, which happens to be skin.  Some of this is just due to every day life getting in the way, but[Read more]

OOTD Fellow Blogger Inspiration

I’ve said it before, I will say it again, I LOVE the plus size blogging community!  There are so many reasons, the support network, the amazing people, and let’s not forget getting fashion and outfit inspiration from ladies of a similar size and shape! I have been following Becky and Claire’s blogs for some time now, and I thought their monthly challenge based around an outfit from Pinterest that they try and recreate from their own wardrobe was fab!  When I saw their second instalment (found[Read more]

Money Saving Monday – Week 1

So, you will all be aware that I have embarked on a very over due spending ban, and thanks to the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog who suggested we turn it into a little challenge, week one has just been completed….. Have I stumbled at the first hurdle? Unless you consider spending £1.00 towards £70.95 worth of goods, or a bottle of wine (come on guys, you can’t give up everything all at once), then no, I have[Read more]