Corset Boulevard Global

I love a corset, don’t you?  There is something about a corset that I defy any woman not to feel sexy whilst wearing one! I recently acquired two from Corset Boulevard, and I had promised myself that as soon as I had some decent photos to show you I would do a little review…. For those that follow me fairly closely, you will already be aware that I have been trying to branch out into modelling…. Yes, I know, I am[Read more]

Big Girls Need Big Bling!

Being a bit on the chub side doesn’t just prove a problem in the wardrobe department, but it can be equally as much of a problem when it comes to accessories, and in particular jewellery! Do you, like me, avoid necklaces like the plague in case the chain isn’t long enough for your thick neck, or do you avoid going into a jewellers for a ring, and stick to the High Street costume jewellery because you can try it on without drawing attention to[Read more]