Flavour of the Week

Hi there beautiful…. yeah, I’m talking to you! We all have that particular item we love so much we would wear it daily, mine generally tend to be something I have bought recently that I want to wear to death, until the novelty wears off and a new flavour of the week takes it’s place, but I wanted to share with you my current flavour of the week as I could just live, sleep, do everything in it! I give[Read more]

Wednesday WIG List!

I know that many bloggers publish a Wednesday Wish List, but because I have recently been introduced to the World of Wigs, thanks to my surrogate daughter Hannah from Fabulously Fat Fashion, I thought I would put a spin on that and give you my Wednesday WIG List…. Lol! Here is me in my first ever wig, but most definitely not my last, Kimra, from the amazing Geisha Wigs. Although I had seen some of Hannah’s collection when I was at[Read more]

Off With Her Head Monthly – August 2014

Ahoy there Matey’s (this will make sense shortly)! I was a monumental Slack Alice last month and only posted pics of my monthly hair flower on my social networks, but this month it would have been criminal to do such a thing! This month Lisa was inspired by Talk Like a Pirate Day, which was September 19th!  I missed it, didn’t know such a thing existed, but from now on I shall be making sure I celebrate this momentous day from 2015 onwards! This[Read more]

Mission Impossible…. Accomplished!

As you all know, not only do I live a chub life, I live a midget chub life! At 4ft 10in I am, apparently, technically deemed a drawf – please note I am not a medical professional and am only quoting what I have either found via the internet or what I have been told…. People of 147cm (4ft10ins) or less are classed as drawfs/midgets (not to be confused with the medical disability of Drawfism) ! I must add here, that[Read more]

Growing Old….. Disgracefully….. Hell Yeah!

It has been said on numerous occasions, mainly by my husband, that I dress too young for my years.  I am also not naïve enough to think that others haven’t also thought it, and no doubt said it, just not to me…. My diplomatic answer to this is too fucking right I do, I may be 40 but I aint dead, and I like fashion as much as the next fat chick! Today was no exception, I wore what the[Read more]