Diamonds are Forever – Ft Anjolee Jewelry

I defy any woman to not love a diamond, or two or three, so when I was contacted by Anjolee Jewelry to review their website, I was definitely up for some virtual window shopping! It is coming up to my 10th Wedding Anniversary at the end of November, so I thought I would check out their Bridal Sets to see what was available if I were doing it all over again today…. I was not disappointed!  10-11yrs ago, I went for a princess[Read more]

Elomi Bijou in Nude Review

Hey there pumpkins (it is nearly Halloween)! Today I want to talk about boobs, well what we put them in…. Bras!  I don’t know about you, but as a well endowed women I am always on the look out for a good bra, and if it can be a good everyday bra then happy days!  So when I was given the opportunity to review something for Beau Dame Lingerie I was Whey Hey! Although there was lots for me to choose[Read more]

Winter Warmers Giveaway from BONPRIX!

Hey Pickles! You will have seen recently I did a little wish list post featuring bonprix, but if you happened to miss it, you can catch up on it here!  Well, bonprix liked my post so much, as a thank you they have sent me some lovely Winter Warmers to give to one of you lovely lot! If you believe everything the weather men tell us, you will be needing this lovely hat and scarf set very soon… an arctic winter[Read more]

Model XL Cambridgeshire

I’ve been wanting to share some exciting news with you for a while now, and my sincere apologies for only getting around to it now! You should all be aware by now that I am on a mission to prove that short, fat, old birds can be bootiful too, and have embarked on a modelling hobby to try and show it can be done… I had applied for the Miss British Beauty Curve, which happened earlier this year, and a[Read more]

Blogtober Day 6!

As anticipated, yet again I have failed…. Knew I would never manage to do this daily…. Lol!  But I am finally getting around to putting together a post for day 6, which is to tell you about where I live! Well I live in the Cambridgeshire Fens these days, a somewhat flat terrain, but did you know that within the Fens there are a few hills, which have historically been called “islands” as they remained dry when the low-lying fens[Read more]