MissGuided: Here's What I Would Have Spent Blogger Challenge

Hey there treacles! Hope you all had a fab weekend and are ready for the week ahead, and more importantly Chrimbo! I wanted to talk to you today about the brand MissGuided.  You may have seen recently that they have extended their ranges to include a plus size range, covering sizes up to a UK24!  This is fab, however, there is always a big but, and not just mine, isn’t there…..?  What about all the lovely ladies out there who don’t[Read more]

Wig It Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day Peeps! So today was a spent too long in bed, got up, looked in mirror, thought “FUCK!”, looked at the time, no time to wash and style hair, thinks what do I do, I know let’s Wig It, kinda day! So this is me today at work wearing Damsel from Geisha Wigs!  This is the 5th addition to my small and modest collection, but is by far my favourite!  She is a perfect length for me, being a[Read more]