Quick Outfit Post | Red Nose Day 2015

So it was Red Nose Day Friday just gone, nothing was organised at work so I considered doing something funny anyway, briefly I thought about letting the child dress me for the day…. That soon passed!  So I finally decided to go with an outfit I had been mulling over in my head for a while, but had not actually got around to putting together, and by no means funny! It worked, but it didn’t have that WOW factor that[Read more]

New Season at Taking Shape!

A few weeks back there was a bit of a fall out with the Plus Size Community and Taking Shape, following a PR stunt they carried out at London Fashion Week (LFW).  I am not going to dwell too much on this, you can read a bit about it here and here, but this in turn affected a small event I had been planning at my local store in Peterborough. After a while I was asked if I would go in and have a[Read more]

Review Post ft Specspost

I’m a spectacle wearer, if you hadn’t noticed, blind as a bat without…. I also like to look my best, again, if you hadn’t noticed, so my glasses are a very important part of my overall look. I’ve been in need of a new pair of specs for a while now, but it is never a cheap shopping trip when replacing specs, that is until now! I have been an admirer of Specspost from afar for some time, having seen previous blog[Read more]