#OMCZ – Theme 5 – Bare Arms or Cold Shoulders

This month I am getting my butt in to gear and doing my #OMCZ post.  I did not manage to do the Crop a Top or Shorts themes, if I am honest, I struggled with them both, but be sure to check out the other babalicious babes taking part to see what they came up with….. So, this is this month’s theme Date 30th July 2015 Theme: Bare Arms or Cold Shoulders A lot of people hate having their arms[Read more]

The Curve Fashion Festival

It wasn’t that long ago, just over a week to be precise, that I was at my last plus size event and I am already actively planning my next one! I’ve only been part of the plus size community as a blogger for 22-23 months, not even two years as yet, and I have attended 3 events so far, and it is so very difficult to put in to words how amazing they are, and how much they are now[Read more]

Winning Style…..

Well peeps, what can I say…. I had an AMAZING weekend!! I headed to Birmingham to Style XL, the plus size event which was organised by the ever talented Leah XL.  My good friend of 24yrs+, Louise, came with me and it was her first plus size event, but I am sure this will not be her last.  As usual I spent more time catching up with my fellow plus size blogger babes, and shopping of course, that I took very[Read more]

Blog Review | BBW Couture *

Sorry for the lack of posts, again!  I don’t know why, it could be the heat we’ve been experiencing of late, but I have most definitely been suffering with “Can’t be Arsed” Syndrome in more ways than one! A couple of weeks back I was kindly sent some beautiful tunic dresses to review from BBW Couture, you may remember my previous post featuring their scuba skater dress, found here. We all know they stock the most amazing vintage retro dresses, which[Read more]