#99pDressChallenge – The Black & Ivory One!

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It’s day two of the Yours Clothing #99pDressChallenge created by the Amazing Debz over at I’m a Wannabe Princess.  You can find out more about how this challenge came about from her here.  Day one was all about the purple dress, and you can see my post here, but today is all about the Black & Ivory Chiffon dress!

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All the same conditions applied, one dress per person etc. at the staggering cost of 99p, and again, to be on the safe side, I went with a size 24.  It fits perfectly, but I have chosen to not wear the belt…. Belts are a little bit outside my comfort zone, I never quite feel comfortable…. But without the belt I feel much better!  This is definitely a day dress rather than an evening dress, but I really like it for either work, a lunch with the girlfriend’s or a shopping trip!

Although sunny, it was a bit chilly on the day I took the photos, and with it being short sleeved and made of a chiffon material, I did put on a black cardigan and an infinity scarf, and finished the look off with some flat pumps, all good old F&F again!!!!  Even though the dress is chiffon it is fully lined, and has a zip at the side, but I don’t actually have to use this as I am able to get this over my head…. Even with my big bazookers!

I wouldn’t have been able to size down in this one, so the 24 was definitely the right choice, as there is  no stretch in the material, and any smaller it would have been cutting into my little chubby arms.  Definitely a true to size fit on this one.

The original cost of this dress was £30.00, but as the title of the post states, and I have said on numerous occasions, this dress cost me 99p!  Again, just because of the price, nothing has been skimped on, and the quality is excellent, and if you did pay the full price of £30.00, I am sure you would not be disappointed.   It is still available on the website here, so you if you like the look of it you can still snap it up, and it is currently still available in all sizes!

Did you manage to get yourself a 99p Dress, and what did you think?  Check out the blog this week for further posts covering a couple of the other 99p dresses, but also see what some of the others participating in this challenge thought:


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BIG Love

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      1. Yes it’s fab! Thank you sweetie! I have another Bonmarche review coming this week I’m reviewing a blouse, I’ll let you know when it’s up xx

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