#99pDressChallenge – The Purple One!

Photo Courtesy of the Yours Clothing Website

So back at the beginning of February Yours Clothing brought out a fabulous offer where you could snap yourselves up a dress for only 99p… Yes, you heard correctly, 99p!  This was clearly some very clever marketing, but there were some conditions.  It was really aimed at new customers, but with the likes of The Daily Mail publicising it and various other means of media shouting about it, it wasn’t long before everyone who had even the slightest interest in plus size fashion were jumping at it; you could only buy one dress (that is unless you have very good friends who order on your behalf);and you had to pay the delivery cost of £3.99.

As so many of us dedicated followers of plus size fashion managed to snap up at least one of these beauts, the wonderful Debz over at I’m a Wannabe Princess decided it would be good to make a challenge out of it, so the #99pDressChallenge was born, and here is the first and it’s all about the purple dress which I managed to get hold of!


IMG_1393854143319 As previously explained we could only get one dress, so I went for a size 24 to be on the safe side.  I probably could have sized down to a 22 and normally I would have ordered a couple of different sizes, but nonetheless it is still a very good fit, albeit a bit big around the boobage area!  This dress was originally priced at £40.00, and you can still get it in a size 22 or 30/32 (both low stock) here for £19.00, but remember, I got this for 99p!

It is a lovely, soft and silky material made of polyester and elastane, which skims over the curves beautifully, and is definitely not lacking in quality even though I got this at a rock bottom price….. Don’t forget, people would have paid £40.00 for this at some point, and it would have still be well worth it, in my opinion.  It also has a fabulous cross over detail at the bust, which is just the ticket for a buxom babe like myself, with pleating detail to the waist and skirt.

I’ve teamed this up today with a very much this season pink knitted kimono cardi and a scarf, both from Tesco (available here and here).  I’ve had these purple pumps in my wardrobe since last Summer and haven’t had anything I felt really went with them, that is until now!  These are originally Clarks, but I bought them second hand, so it is unlikely you would find them anywhere other than possibly Ebay.  I couldn’t forget my ever faithful February Hair Flower from Off With Her Head Millinery by Lisa Jones which just happened to arrive today in the post (along with some other beauties) and it matched perfectly!

Overall I think this dress is beautiful, and although I have tried to dress it down a bit today for the purpose of wearing it in the office, it is really a dress to be admired in full on an evening out with some bling!

Did you manage to get yourself a 99p Dress, and what did you think?  Check out the blog this week for further posts covering a couple of the other 99p dresses, but also see what some of the others participating in this challenge thought:


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