BEDJ – Day 11 & I’m Off Piste!


So, you may be wondering what happened to Days 9 and 1o….. I just couldn’t come up with anything of interest (in my opinion), so rather than blog for the sake of blogging, I had a rest!  Maybe I should now start titling the remaining posts for June as BNEDJ – the N being for NEARLY…. Lol!

However, today is my birthday, and it would just be rude not to share with you lovely lot what I wore, so today I have gone off piste, the theme for today should have been “What’s in Your Bag”, but instead, I am jumping forward a day to “OOTD” and also incorporating a later theme “#selfie”!!!!

Here is my Birthday Suit for 2015!


The dress was from Simply Be, but is no longer available.  It was part of a blogger collaboration, and this particular dress was designed by the amazing Lauren!  I bought it from Simply Be originally, hadn’t worn it for some time so decided to sell it, regretted it almost immediately, so when I saw it in my size for sale as part of Vicky’s blog sale I had to have it!  This dress often pops up on eBay, in blog sales and FB selling pages, so don’t despair, you may still be able to get your mits on this fab dress!

I also wore my Crown & Glory birthday crown, which I received for being a Glitterati Monthly Club member!  I have been eyeing up their pretty hair accessories for some time, mainly when I see the lovely Leah sporting a new piece. So, when I saw she had a referral code, I decided it was time to subscribe! I signed up at the end of May, and was unsure being a newbie if I would qualify for the birthday extra, but I did, and here it is!  I felt like a pink Statue of Liberty, albeit a little lacking in height…. Heehee!  Leah still has that code, so make sure you check out her blog to find out how to claim and get yourself an extra £10 to spend on some more lovely Crown & Glory pretties.

So that’s me, another year older, not sure I’m much wiser, but I’m certainly continuing to grow as an individual.

Do you try and come up with a special OOTD for special occasions such as birthday’s and Christmas (oh no, I mentioned the C word and it’s only June!!!!)?

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