BEDJ – Day 3 – Make Up Must Haves!


So, I have made it to day 3…. Woohoo! Today’s theme is Make Up Must Haves, and I have one item in my make up bag that I pretty much cannot go without.  I even mentioned this post to my friend at work, and without any prompting she knew what I would choose….. my Benefit Brow Zings!


Some days I do go make up free (sacrilege I know, but it does happen), but when I do put the slap on I probably spend more time on my eyes, and in particular my brows, than anything else.  I wear the Brow Zings in a medium and tend to just stick to the powder rather than using the wax as well (you can see this by how much has been used), however, this little compact lasts forever!  I have had this for over a year, could even be 18 months, and it is still going strong! It isn’t the cheapest item I have in my make up bag at £24.50, but to last that long it has to be best value for money item I own.

I really should give this compact a clean up, I am such a messy moo!

I have found some pics to show you with and without my brows done…..

No brows!
Brows & Full Slap!

What is your make up must have???

So tomorrow’s theme is Wishlist, I am sure I can come up with something for that, so come back tomorrow for more Blog Every Day in June fun and frolics….. and don’t forget to check out the other beauties taking part!


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BIG Love

S x

5 thoughts on “BEDJ – Day 3 – Make Up Must Haves!

  1. I absolutely agree with you Sarah. I do love the Benefit Brow Zings too. I used to neglect my eyebrows for so long but it really makes a difference, really defining your face. My only issue is that with my changing hair colours I have needed to change the Brow Zings colour as well, so by now I have had to use each shade from light till dark. But I guess with the right dye selection, making sure I get the right use out of each shade I would be set for life it terms of brow shaping, given that I have 3 of them…. 😉
    Other than that I am an absolute fan of the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner, as the vintage eye liner flick is just essential to my every day makeup look.
    I love them both… please don’t make me choose 😉
    Lisa x

    1. Haha! I just wear medium whatever my hair colour, never worried about it….. Maybe I should’ve!

      I’ve given up on flicks these days…. May attempt again this weekend!


  2. I have almost invisible brows, I really need to get some brow action going on – I might give this a go. I just bought the new Benefit Gimme Brow, but it isn’t great. This looks potentially better.

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