BEDJ – Day 5 – Blogroll Your Fave Bloggers


Now, really, I could never do this as the list would be way too long….. I know this is going to sound like a complete cop out as well, but all the Plus Size Bloggers I know are amazing, and I love them all!  I have a page where I did start a list of blogs I love, but it really needs to be updated and there are so many more I have found since that are not included!

I have been lucky to attend a few events now since I’ve been blogging, and getting together with such an awesome number of fat babes cannot be put into words, it puts me on a high for weeks, so for that it would be unfair to pick out specifics, or too long to put a blogroll together….. but it would be safe to say that a good start is the ladies who are taking part in this challenge.  Another good place to head is to Google and search the tag PSBloggers, or plus size blogger, and you will then find ALL the awesome ladies, the ones I have had the privilege to meet and call friends, the ones I have yet to meet, and the ones across the pond.

So, yes, today is a bit of a cop out, but it just wouldn’t be right, fair or proper, they are all babes, and here are just a few of them……


(You can find all the links to their blogs in my previous post here)

Don’t forget to check out the other guys taking part in BEDJ – links below!


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