BEDJ – Day 6 – Fave Nail Products


We are still on a roll and we have made it to day 6…..

I thought I would struggle with today’s theme, I don’t really have a fave nail product, I just occasionally paint them if I am off out, which today I am later, so I have painted my nails and here is what I used:

image image

Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour in colour Winner Takes it All!

And here is a better look at the results:


I have worn this before, and although it is a really nice polish, goes on well and does last a few days, I wouldn’t say it lasts 7 days, not without chipping anyway, but pretty good for an off the shelf product!

This was picked up in Tesco, but should be available in most Boots, Superdrug, the usual suspects!

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