Chub Rub Fought the Fatty and the Fatty Won! (Including Blog Giveaway)

So, you will have seen with summer upon us I recently ventured into the World of the Maxi Dress… having found an amazing dress at Taking Shape.  You can check out my post about it here.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many of us fat babes out there that haven’t suffered the discomfort of “Chub Rub”….. and in the past I can say that this has steered me away from the nice pretty frocks and skirts in the past, and I have just sweat my bits off in trousers and leggings for the duration of the nice weather, albeit somewhat limited here in the UK, it does happen from time to time!

During one of my recent visits to my local Taking Shape store, I came across the amazing Easy Breezy Short!  These shorts are made of lightweight material, similar to leggings,  they are described as Taking Shape‘s secret weapon against chafing under dresses and skirts. The shorts are made of cotton blend and have a full smooth elastic waistband for a comfortable and supportive fit.  They come in white and black and sizes XS (UK14) up to XXL (UK26),  but I think they would definitely fit if you were even a size 28 or even a 30!  They come up quite high on my body, being a shortarse, but for me this is ideal, I do like to feel my blubber is all snug in my pants, tights and now my Easy Breezies!

Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape
Stock Photo Courtesy of Taking Shape

I was very kindly gifted a pair in black, size L (UK22) to review.  I have sized down, as I wanted the shorts to sit snug to my body to avoid too much visibility under a garment, and to be fair, I think I could have gone down to a M (UK20)…. I wanted to bring these awesome items to your attention, if you haven’t found them on your own already, as I think many of us can benefit from these during the warmer months (if we get any this year).


I wore my shorts all day, and have to say that I never once felt like I had anything additional to the norm  underneath my dress, uncomfortable or hot!  I seem to remember another customer mention in store that when she has worn hers the material was such that when it was cool they kept her warm and when the weather was warmer they almost kept her cool… How amazing is that!?!?!?!?  The only thing I was a little conscious of, and its just a personal thing, was I wore these with a mid length dress, shorter than my maxi dress, and  I was worried if a gust of wind blew my dress up…. But all was well!

Having now tried these in the black, I am definitely going to buy some in the white to wear under light coloured clothing, and at an amazing price of £8.00 per pair, these are very much purse friendly!

To celebrate reaching 1000 total followers across all my social platforms, the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Tumblr, Bloglovin’  (actually 1122 total followers as of today… long way to go, but still a very happy girly!), I have teamed up with Taking Shape to offer a fab giveaway to one of you lovely lot, and that is one pair in white and one pair in black, and some of their Slumber Slippers, so you too can get those summer clothes out of storage, or maybe invest in your first ever maxi dress. as like me you have swayed away previously…. Be sure to take a look at the fabulous dresses available at Taking Shape!

I haven’t actually tried the Slumber Slippers myself yet, but having had a look online, they look mighty toastie for those chilly summer evenings, where it just isn’t cold enough to crack the heating on!  Available in three different colour choices, in S (37-39) or L (40-42) and they come in a 2 Pack!  These little tootsie warmers are machine washable and can be tumble dryed…. Make sure if you win this fab giveaway you let me know how you get on with these….  But if you are not lucky this time, they are a very purse friendly £5.00 for two pairs, that is only £2.50 each!!!!!

Due to only having a WordPress Hosted site currently, please follow the link…. Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “Chub Rub Fought the Fatty and the Fatty Won! (Including Blog Giveaway)

  1. These look fab! I definite need something like this in my life for wearing under my maxi dresses this summer- last year I chopped up a pair of leggings that rolled up, made me sweaty and I still got chub rub. Doh!

    I had no idea Taking Shape sold these shorts. They’ve come on leaps and bounds since they launched in the UK I think. And their new stuff is gorgeous. My fave at the moment is the In Bloom dress… Lovely cut and pattern- so pretty!

    Katt xo

    1. They most definitely have come on haven’t they, and I’m sure they will go from strength to strength !!! You’ve done well to pick a fave piece, I’ll be honest I’m not sure I could, I love everything… Heehee! xxx

  2. I LOVE the look of these as chub rub is something ive always has an issue with even as a child, which is why I very rarely wear dresses or skirts, especially if I will be walking for long periods!
    So my fave item has to be those shorts, I want to try them sooo bad! MIght also encourage me to kickstart my diet and exercise that I have been putting off since before easter!
    My email is

    1. I share your pain on the chub rub… I’ve ended up in so much pain and walking like I’ve done something in my pants before now… Lol! A definite essential for any fat babe in my opinion xxx

    1. I have to admit that very necklace has winked at me a few times… I’ve resisted it’s blatant advances so far… Lol!

      Complete coincidence that this post has happened at the same time as the posts featuring “the other brand”, I’ve been trying to tie this giveaway up for a week or so, and it just happens it fell in to place on Monday!

      I have to say, I am so pleased I have these and white ones will be winging their way to my door very soon!!!

      S xxx

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