Bra Humbug – It's Time to Trade In Your Bra! Simply Be Campaign

I was recently contacted by Simply Be and asked if I wanted to take part in their most recent campaign which, with the time of year, had very aptly called Bra Humbug.  They pointed me in the direction of their most recent blog post, here, and boy, did this ring true with me on so many levels!  So I thought I would take part and talk to you about my bad habits when it comes to my bras!

I would definitely rather spend my money on my outwear, rather than my underwear.  I usually end up wearing a bra into the ground almost, to the point the clasps are broken, the straps have lost their structure, need I go on?  Even I know that this isn’t always the best thing to do, so why do I continue to do it???  I don’t know!!! A good fitting bra, of good quality can actually make or break an outfit.  I have recently managed to find a good fitting brand of bra (post to follow on this very soon), and I will be embracing this going forward.  Bad habit number one may have been broken…. Woohoo!

I admit I am a dirty Gertie, and admit I often end up with a favourite bra, which ends up being washed a lot less than the others, mainly because I hardly take it off, other than to sleep!  Reading this blog post, I really know I need to crack bad habit number two, and fast!

My name is Sarah and I am a hoarder!


Another one of my very bad habits, and not specifically bra related, but I am very much a hoarder; but what this campaign has made me do is go through my drawers and take out all the old bras that don’t fit well anymore, some may never have actually fit me well, and these have now gone.  Another one of my bad habits could be on the way to be sorted, I just need to put this into practice with all the other things I have hoarded over the years.

But my bra that I will undoubtedly never part with, for reasons, is this one….


I wore this on my wedding day in 2004….

205586_4859191871_7852_nWith my daddy.

This bra is 11 years old and is a Panache Special Occasions in a 38G!  I doubt this style even exists anymore!

It wasn’t a perfect fit, but I went to a small independent boutique, and we had to add a couple of extenders to do the trick.  It worked.  I have maybe worn this a couple of other times since when I have been in need of a strapless, but it doesn’t really work that well these days, the support it gives is minimal, to the point I may as well not wear anything, but it will remain in my drawer for a few more years yet I am sure, just because.

Bras for larger breasted beauties are far more accessible these days, Simply Be can offer you many choices from their own brand to the likes of Curvy Kate, Elomi, Panache and Anna Scholz to name but a few.  So really, we have no excuse, but how many of these bad habits do you have?  Let’s make 2016 the year we embrace the good fitting bra and trade our bra-humbugs in, and who better to do with this than Simply Be!

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BIG Love

S x

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