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Firstly a MAHOOSIVE Happy New Year to you!  I wish you all an extremely FATBULOUS 2015!

Now back to the job in hand….. Review Numero Trois, and I’m now up to date, of my majorly overdue reviews, and this time I’m getting a bit of flesh out…..

Scary it may be, but us fat birds like to be sexy too you know, and who’d have thunk it, but we actually flippin well do it pretty Goddamn well too (contrary to what Katie Hopkins has said recently)!

When I was contacted by Plus Size Lingerie Boutique  and asked if I would like to review item from their catalogue, of course I said yes!  I’ve always fancied trying something a little bit out of my comfort zone, so I went for one of their absolutely amazing baby dolls, the Mesh Baby Doll Top & Panty (this and similar available here).

What I really liked about this was the fact although it oozes sexy, it also shouts out fun too…. and I’m all for bit of fun in and out of the bedroom…. Oh, naughty, Lol!  I knew the top would definitely float over the old tum tum nicely, and I just hoped the panties would fit the old derriere!  I went with a 3-4X, and everything was spot on, with the exception of it was a bit of a mission to get the boobies in place, but we managed it with minimal fight, and I felt AMAZING! The floaty chiffon material and baby doll styling makes this set comfortable and unrestricting, which is what you want when it comes to sexy lingerie if you ask me!


Dodgy, grainy mirror shot, with mis-match shoes when it arrived….

Now with the super-duper new back-drop and the DSLR!

DSC03878 DSC03879 DSC03882 DSC03883

Close up of my buttocks just for Leah!

As well as offering beautiful, high quality items, even though the Plus Size Lingerie Boutique are based in the US, I was really impressed with the speed of delivery from when I was told it was on it’s way to when it arrived, so if you are looking for international delivery another point awarded to PSL Boutique!

This is my first experience of a baby doll, and I very much hope it is not my last.  I felt sexy and confident the whole time I had this on, and I was even impressed with how I looked in the pics I took!

I really hope that this post can encourage some body confidence amongst others, and you too may take a step towards stepping outside your comfort zone and maybe, just maybe pay a visit to this amazing brand!  Make 2015 the year you started to love you!

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BIG Love

S x

* Items gifted for review

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