Chafe Free with Chaffree!

I know so many of us fatties dread the warmer months and the dreaded “chub rub”, but these days of dread are fast becoming fewer as there are so many more options available to us now, one of these are the products available at Chaffree!

If you haven’t come across them before, you are forgiven as they are a relatively new product on the market, but what Chaffree say about their products is that they are designed for women (and men) who want relief and protection from thigh, bum and stomach sweating and chafing. They are made from a lightweight, seamless, stretchy fabric, that keeps you cool, dry, comfortable and confident… and I can concur this is definitely the case!

I was kindly sent a pair of their Women’s KnickerBoxers in size L/XL, full waist and colour Truffle and their Women’s Briefs in Jet (same size).  Apologies for only bringing you stock photos on this occasion, there are only so many people who are happy to take snaps of me in my under crackers!



You can immediately notice the way the material definitely keeps you cool, it is quite astounding really, and the super stretchy fabric makes them very comfortable for us with your larger than average tums and bums!  I found the briefs came up more on me than in the stock pic here, but it could be that these are not the full waist version…. I could live in my briefs all day everyday, they are like a second skin!

I have worn both these now on a number of occasions since receiving them, and they have washed up nicely everytime.

They are not the cheapest product on the market, but then cheap is not always the way to go, I am definitely one to prefer to pay a little more and know I am getting a product that does what it says it does and is of good quality, and doesn’t fall to pieces after one wash!

Have you tried out Chaffree yet?  I think I may have now found my new place to go for my undies, I will definitely be a returning customer!

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