Changing My Style

If you followed me before, you will know I was very much for wearing a pretty frock…. Since I have lost some weight, my style has evolved CONSIDERABLY, and I am all for a good separate, and you will often find me sporting jeans and a t-shirt, in fact, you will find me in jeans and a t-shirt more than most things!

Since Weight-Loss

I’m all for a good quality plain t-shirt (although wearing a jumper above…. Lol!), but I am ABSOLUTELY a sucker for a good slogan or printed tee…. And the more it resonates with me or my specific personality, the better!  So what better way than to get your own slogan or image printed on a t-shirt, bag, hoodie etc!  There are so many endless possibilities out there, make it unique to you, really show off that AMAZING personality!

Whilst on the hunt for some companies that could do this, I stumbled across Printsome, a relatively new company to the UK (and Spain), but not only do they cover the printing it is organic T-Shirt printing!  I am absolutely all for ethically sourced and manufactured products, so it couldn’t get better!

So, don’t feel you have to be tied to high street branded slogan tees, why not get your own printed, for you, your mate, your Mother’s Uncle’s Daughter, ANYONE! And… Make them personal… I’m going to, and if you do, I want to see…. GO GO GO!  There is even a code if you are ordering over 5!

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