I’ve Got My Eye On You – Part II

Hey you guys! I know it’s been a while, lots has been going on, a whole change of career to name one thing… more about that later… for now I want to talk to you about Sunglasses!

You may remember earlier this year I wrote about my experience with Vision Express, and the importance of eye care [reminder here]. This also includes protecting them from the sunlight, and during my visit earlier this year, I also decided to get myself a pair of prescription sunglasses, which the lovely PR lady gifted me with a view of doing another review pose later in the year, so here it is!

You may be thinking why am I doing it now when the summer is almost over, but I can assure you, you will definitely still need your sunglasses for a good whole yet, especially whilst driving, with the low autumn sunsets!

I have always fancied some aviators… I think it’s my love of the film Top Gun, so when I saw these it was a sure winner!

These are only single vision (my other every day ones, you will remember were varifocals) as these predominately for driving and just lazing around in the sun rather than reading etc. but these are full polarised for extra eye safety, an option available to you from Vision Express!

I can’t actually find the exact ones I have on here online now, they could maybe be in a store somewhere, but I did find these which are very similar.

Do you need some new prescription sunglasses? I can highly recommend both the service and the products available at Vision Express!

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