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I was recently very lucky to be offered the chance to do a fit review for Pamela Mann tights.  As a vertically and horizontally challenged woman (I am as wide as I am tall…. Yes, I know, that makes me square!), I do have a lot of issues getting tights to fit…. I am sure a number of you will feel my pain!  Pamela Mann is one of the very few brands I can consistently rely on.

Previously I have only gone for their 50 Denier Opaques, and I have found their size 20-26 has been pretty spot on!  This time I was sent a pair f Black Sheer Dotty Tights in a 28-32, and Black Star Back Seam Tights in a 20-26.  I was advised that the dotty tights were known to come up small, and this was absolutely correct.  I am usually anything from a 20-26, depending on where I shop, (we all know that one don’t we…) but anything over that just starts getting way too big…. But not in the case of these tights.  I can say that the Customer Services team at Pamela Mann obviously know their stuff,. because they fit perfectly!!!!!


As did the Star Back Seam tights too, in my usual Pamela Mann size of 20-26!  I loved these tights very much in particular, that was once I had fought in what seemed like 30 degree heat to get them on and the seams straight…. who in their right mind decides to do a fit test for tights in the weather we have been experiencing????  Oh yeah, that would be me…. Duh! I must admit, my colleague did say that further up the leg towards the thigh (under my dress in the pic) was not looking quite so perfectly straight, but then when am I likely to wear anything much shorter????


Both pairs of tights were really good quality nylon and had plenty of strength in them for my chunky tree-trunks…. The fact I didn’t manage to put my finger through either of them as I was putting them on, and in particular the star seamed pair, with trying to position to get the seams straight, is a miracle.  Both pairs came well up my belly to my waist and did not have that rolling down effect from the second I got them on, unlike most of the high street brands I have tried in the past.

I cannot recommend Pamela Mann enough for the bigger lady,and if you need any assistance with sizing, their customer services team are on hand to assist…. They were very thorough when it came to getting my sizing right, they checked out all my measurements with me prior to sending, and to say they got it right would be an understatement.

Have you tried their tights before, what did you think?

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BIG Love

S x

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