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Like many of us, I have struggled for years on and off to find the perfect fitting bra.  One that gave me both support and comfort almost seemed non-existent.  It is important to regularly check out your measurements, as one day you may find a bra that is perfect for you, but we change shape for many reasons over the years, so what was once perfect may not be at a later point.  It is also important to remember that not all brands will fit you in the same size, so what fits you in one brand in a 38J may not fit you in a 38J in another.

I recently discovered that the 38J in the Cleo by Panache Marcie was my perfect bra, so snapped up as many in different colourways as possible in that size, and as much as my bank balance would allow me.

When I was then contacted by Panache directly to be gifted a set from their Sculptresse Range, designed specifically for the curvier amongst us, I was eager to give this a whirl to see if that range was also a good fit, to give me even more options.  Unfortunately, due to a small hiccup, the Sculptresse was all out of stock in my size by the time the order went in, but having seen my love for Cleo for Panache, I was very kindly sent the Lottie, one of the new styles to try, and here she is in all her glory.

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Unfortunately, this time of year is a bit rubbish for getting decent lighting for pics, I cant exactly prance around outside in the natural light in my undies, so have had to make do, so apologies for this, the pics don’t give the actual bra the justice it deserves, but I hope I have still managed to show you what a good fit she is overall.

The centre gore sits flush to my breast bone, as it should.  Having done a full on “Swoop and Scoop”, any migrated breast tissue under my arms is fully encased in the cup, as it should be.  I now wear these bras on a daily basis, I have 4 so I can inter-change between them (although I confess to possibly wearing my black one more than the others….), and I don’t find them to feel uncomfortable at all unlike with others in the past digging in under my arm, or cutting into me across my ribs.

I would recommend if you are struggling to give them a try for sure!

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BIG Love

S x

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    1. Prices are reasonable, but it’s always worth checking out places like Brastop as you can quite often pick them up even cheaper! It is a fab print, my fave of all the ones I have so far x

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