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I’m such a rubbish blogger, and this post is well over due….  but, I am sure I was always told better late than never!!!  There was, however, a reason I left this one for a while as there were a number of reviews floating around for similar products a while back, and I didn’t want to bombard you all.

Today I am talking to you about and showing you the Comfort Anti Chafing Shorts from Donatella’s!  These are made of the same nylon material as a pair of tights, but obviously a lot shorter, and reduce the dreaded chub rub you have heard me talk about so many times before.

Here I am sporting my shorts a few weeks back whilst parading around by Daddy’s garden!  They may come a little shorter on someone else, as don’t forget I am a midget!


Here is a stock photo taken from the website…..


These are very lightweight, more so than some of the other anti chafing shorts on the market, and at a fraction of the price at only £4.69 per pair! I would highly recommend these shorts, and can confirm you can wash them and wear them over and over again (I have).

So if you are looking for something not so full on as your average chub rub short, but a little more than a cream, these will be your saviour!

Have you maybe already tried these, what did you think?

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BIG Love

S x

* Denotes item gifted for review.

4 thoughts on “Review Post | Comfort Anti Chafing Shorts from Donatella Tights *

  1. I like the idea of these and they look maybe a bit cooler than some shorts. My concern is that they wouldn’t be really hard wearing for a whole day walking around though.

    1. Oh they are though, they don’t roll up or anything! I’ve worn mine for whole days at s time and they’ve been washed and re-worn a number of times! Worth a try, and a fraction of the cost x

  2. I found out a solution for dresses or skirts I just would’d like wearing shorts under. Actually I think Virgie Tovar taught me this: You can rub your inner thighs with silicon lubricant!!! Seriously, that stuff is made to reduce high friction, right? And it lasts really long AND makes the skin baby smooth. Aaand you can also use it for your nightly adventures 😉

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