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Hello there lovelies!

This post has been bubbling around now for about a week, trying to find decent light, location and someone to take some pics of me in my undies and tights!  Having no luck, I have decided to bring the post to you anyway, taking stock pics from the lovely lady’s website with a view of bringing you pics of me in a state of semi-undress at a later date!

So, I am always on the look out for tights not only for a fat bird, but a short fat bird, and which don’t require me to re-mortgage my  home!  Recently needing to stock up on such necessities, and remembering having seen reviews of Donatella’s on both Leah & Hannah’s blogs in the past, I went over to have a look at the website.  I was thrilled to see that they offered tights up to an 8x, but even better, PETITE also in plus sizes, so you can imagine my excitement.  I dropped them a line via the contact form on the site, and received a very prompt response.  Having explained my dilemma, size 22/24 but with a vertically challenged 4ft10in stature, the lovely Donatella offered to send me a selection to review.

Firstly I was sent, 80D (Black) in XXXL and 20D Sheer (Black) XXXL.  I tried the 80D first, but unfortunately these did not work for me at all.  They were fab in the leg, but I struggled to get the body of the tights up over my big bum, and even going with the tried and tested method of another pair of pants over the top, they still rolled down over a period of time, and just would not stay up.  Maybe if your bum and tum are not quite as big as mine they would work, as there wasn’t much in it, but enough to cause me an issue.


Black Opaque Tights 80D – £11.99

I had much more success with the 20D in the XXXL, these were a great fit in the leg, came up well over my tum and bum, and lasted a whole day.  They will get many more outings I am sure as the quality is excellent.


20D Sheer Tights 3X to 5X – £3.99

Having let Donatella know about the issue I had with the 80D, and standing by their customer service policy of when a customer follows the measurements given on the website and the tights don’t fit they always give the money back or send a replacement, she offered to send me an alternative in the 50D Opaque (Black) in the 4x-5x.  These were a great success and fit again like the 20D in the XXXL.  Again, the quality was great, fit well in the body, coming up over my tum and bum and very comfortable for a day at the office.


Opaque Tights 50D – £9.49

I cannot recommend Donatella’s enough, for both fit, quality, value for money and customer service.  If you haven’t tried their products yet, I advise you do.  I intend to invest in some more, maybe some 20D natural, some 180D Bamboo in natural, and of course some seamless leggings!

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BIG Love

S x


* Items supplied for review, but all comments are honest and my own.

** Photos are stock photos taken from the Donatella website.


9 thoughts on “Review Post | Donatella's Tights

  1. I purchased chaffing short tights ,I was dissapointed as the bonding around the thigh was thin was expensive these item ,for thin tights cycle length.

  2. Disappointed with the cost of chaffing cycle under dress tights.
    Items very thin and binding not as shown in pictures on site.
    Again over priced.

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