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I’m a spectacle wearer, if you hadn’t noticed, blind as a bat without…. I also like to look my best, again, if you hadn’t noticed, so my glasses are a very important part of my overall look.

I’ve been in need of a new pair of specs for a while now, but it is never a cheap shopping trip when replacing specs, that is until now!

I have been an admirer of Specspost from afar for some time, having seen previous blog posts by some of my fellow blogettes.  If you haven’t come across them before, Specspost are an online glasses company based in the UK specialising in fashion and geek glasses, petite glasses and prescription sunglasses.  Their styles are of the most up to date look, and all at amazing prices.  Even better, you can still try before you buy, as you would on the high street, but this time from the comfort of  your own home by using their home trial service.

I went ahead and chose my first three pairs to trial, including one pair of sunglasses, well, Summer is upon us after all….

image1. Ruby & Rose Vintage Vixen
2. Black Geek Glasses with Subtle Red Accent Colour
3. Sweetee Sunglasses

Taking the cost of these spectacles into account, there was no skimping on quality at all…. as Specspost often say, designer style without the designer price tag…. So true!  Unfortunately the specs I initially chose just didn’t do it for me, but, that’s the joy of the home trial service, I just sent them back and picked some more!

I found the sales team at Specspost amazing, having showed them some photos of me in the original 3 pairs, we chatted and they recommended I look at their extra small and petite ranges.  This was definitely the right decision, and here they are, including an extra sneaky pair that Julie popped in the package for me as she had already got an idea of what I liked!


Least fave (but still fab) – Vintage Rose Smaller Sized Glasses

I didn’t think these worked as they are quite a round frame and only accentuated my round face.


Coming in Third – Petite Classic Style in Red

I like these, but with them being very similar to what I already have (obviously that is why they worked well), I just fancied something a little different this time round.


Very close second – Petite Retro

I do love these, I have been desperate to find a retro style that suited…. I am a sucker for a bit of retro!  But I think out of my top two they just missed out on this occasion, again due to round face-itis!


No.1, getting my fat geek on – Petite Wayfarer

I love the geek style, and failed miserably with the Black Geek above, they were just too big, but these work really well, and as I have said I fancy a change!

I’ve found it very hard to pin it down to just one of these awesome pairs of specs, but I think I’m going to get my fat geek on and go for the Wayfarers on this occasion, but I’m already counting the days to pay day, and I think I’ll be investing in the petite retro next!

There are some amazing offers over on the site at the moment, 15 pairs of glasses for only £15.99 until the 15th for one, so what are you waiting for!?

I don’t think I will be going anywhere else now for my specs, what about you?

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