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Howdy Doody!  It’s been a while, but in the famous words of Roz of Monsters Inc., be assured I’m always watching… Always watching!

Anyhoo…. A short time ago I was contacted by to chose and review a pair of their glasses.  I was given a budget, and as I was well over due a pair of new prescription sunglasses (having had to glue parts back on to my current pair for some years now), off I went in search of my “Perfect” pair of shades!

The choice, having only being given a £50 budget was MASSIVE, it was a very difficult choice!  My final decision was helped and guided by the fact the site has an option to upload a photo of yourself and virtually try the glasses on to see what they will look like – by clicking on the “Try On” option above each of the thumbnails (although I did find some didn’t have this option, but most of them did).

The first pair I decided on ended up being out of stock, so I revisited the site and I found an even better pair…. THESE (I did go over budget slightly but they were very kind and let me)!


I just emailed my prescription over along with a delivery address and voila!  This actual pair did end up on a bit of an adventure, and when they arrived they had been checked by customs somewhere (they had been taped up to say this, this is the only reason I knew… Lol!).  I have since had my eyes re-tested, so the ‘script is a little bit off, but nothing to cause any issues, and I love these fames so much I can see me looking to get them reglazed at a later date as and when I need to!

I cannot express how impressed I am with these frames, their quality is second to none, the case provided is a good quality hard case to ensure they are well protected when not being worn, and they are so me…. As my friend said “Proper Diva glasses”!  Yep, that’ll be me…. Haha!

What do you think?


Diva or what????

If you follow my social media channels, you may have already seen these make an appearance, as since their arrival a week ago, they have had lots of wear, with lots more to come…. Summer Holidays are coming!

These frames, unfortunately, appear to be out of stock now, but I did find these, which are equally fab in my opinion.


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BIG Love

S x

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