Trinkets Jewellery #realwomen Campaign

I wouldn’t normally like the term “real women”, in my mind ALL women are real women, but I will now explain what I really liked about this particular campaign.

I was drawn to the fact that Fiona, the brains behind Trinkets Jewellery is using women like me, you, and her over there to advertise her products.  She isn’t using models, photoshopped, and giving an unrealistic view on how we should look…. She is using all shapes and sizes, us! Read a bit more about it in Fiona’s words here, but basically she will provide a free item from her catalogue in exchange for some photos, sharing across your own social media platforms, and the right to use your photos to advertise on her website.  How utterly fab is that eh?

I told Fiona a bit about what I liked in a piece of jewellery, a bit about me and my style, and pointed her in the direction of my blog/social media to have a look and get some ideas of what piece to send me, and here it is!




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Fiona did a great job choosing this piece for me, it is exactly what I would have chosen for myself, and you can grab this piece here, although once you step foot into the World of Trinkets you will be spoilt for choice, so beware!

I cannot wait to wear this out again, and hopefully on a bright sunny day so I can get some fab outdoors shots of this beauty, so keep your eyes peeled in the usual places!

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BIG Love

S x

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