Voodoo Woman

Hey Treacle Tarts!  Hope you got to enjoy some sun this weekend, it’s been a pretty good one here in Cambridgeshire.

Anyhoo, back to the matter in hand…. I was recently asked by Voodoo Vixen if I would do a review of one of the items available from their concessions range at Debenhams.  Ever since trying Voodoo Vixen out at LondonEdge, seeing the quality, and loving the styles, I have been one of their biggest fans, so obviously I jumped at the chance!

I went for the Green Penny, as there just isn’t enough green in my wardrobe at the moment, and I have recently been on the look out for more, so this was definitely my first choice!


I went with the 3XL, and was still a little worried it wouldn’t be quite big enough, but I shouldn’t have, as I found the dress very generous, in fact, I wonder if I could have even got away with a 2XL!  But having the Faith already in a 3XL, I thought I should stick with what I know.

I wore this to work, as I do have a habit of dressing up for any occasion…. why not eh? I got lots of compliments about the dress, the colour, everything about it really!  I particularly liked the lace detailing over the taffeta which continued over the shoulders, and the tie at the neck is a lovely detail.

It was also a great length on this short, fat little bod of mine, I couldn’t have asked for a bitter shape and fit.

I have my eye on a number of other pretties currently on offer from Voodoo Vixen, and hope to add these to my wardrobe very soon.

Have you tried Voodoo Vixen yet?

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9 thoughts on “Voodoo Woman

  1. as much as the brand isn’t my style or to my taste you rock that dress lovely. Look beautiful as always xxxx

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