We're All Going On a Summer Holiday!

Well, not quite yet, and not that Ie actually have anything booked as yet at all, but it is January, the holiday ads started the minute Christmas Day/Boxing Day struck midnight, and I know of a few people who already have holidays booked in the coming months…. so the thought of the dreaded swimsuit rears it’s head!

I don’t know about you, but even if a brand actually offers Plus Size clothing, they don’t always stock swimwear, and if they do, does it even go up to your size?????  I was recently made aware that one of my favourite brands, Taking Shape, were going to launch a swimwear range, and I was kindly asked to go in store to have a look and a try on to see what I thought.  As always, I wasn’t disappointed…..

I tried everything on that they offered in my usual size of a 24.  They are currently offering a one piece, and two different tankini/two pieces in differing colour ways, and for those not ready to get too much flesh out just yet, a lovely matching cover-up.


What it should look like if you are not vertically challenged…..


image image image image image image image image image

For me the one piece didn’t really do it for me…. as you can see it has a skirt making it almost a swim dress, but the midget in me just didn’t make this work…. in my opinion!  I did, however, LOVE the two pieces, and in particular the blue!  As with many items in TS, I didn’t particularly like the blue when it hung on the hanger, but when I got it on, I fell in love!  The pants are a fabulous high waist design, which I love, so there is no cutting you off and giving you that abhorrent muffin top took, and they come in black and navy blue!  I even commented that they would make fab smoothing/shape wear, of which Erika actually told me she had sold a pair to a lady as shape wear before!

As I mentioned, I have yet to book any summer holibobs, and therefore have no need at this time for a new swimsuit, but when I am in the market I will be buying the blue ensemble for sure! Have you got your swimsuit sorted for the summer yet????

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BIG Love

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12 thoughts on “We're All Going On a Summer Holiday!

  1. The blue really suits you! I am yet to find any TS that I like, but,as you said, maybe they just don’t have any hanger appeal. I really need to get in there and try some bits on! xx

  2. I have just bought some swimwear from Simply Be to wear for my aqua classes but when I’m next going on holiday I’ll definitely check out these pieces as I always find that the bottoms of two pieces are never high enough and they roll down on me whereas these look perfect! xxxx

  3. Definitely the black. Just discovered this site. My God !!!! Fantastic or what!!!

    Plus size, is no longer a swear word. Shake that booty miss thang

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