Blogger Challenge #3: Dress Up / Fancy Friday – "Champagne & Kisses *MWAH*

Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday

Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday

First and foremost, a very Happy Valentines Day to each and everyone of you….. Whether you are attached or single, I hope that you have spent it feeling loved by someone x

So here is my 5th blog of the week…. I have somewhat been on a roll…. Please don’t expect this every week…. (Lol), and my 3rd challenge!  When I posted my Magnificent 7th blogger challenge post, hosted by the amazing Beth, the equally amazing Substance and Style saw it and contacted me and asked if I would like to be included in her Dress Up / Fancy Friday Blogger Challenge, and the Lady from Plus Size & Proud, she say yes!  Find out more about this challenge here.

Now, some may find this really difficult to believe, but I really struggled with this today….. a) because dress up fancy day for me could just about be every day, so it was difficult to make Friday particularly special; b) I did not feel great this morning, and I was struggling to feel anything but fancy!  However, I brushed myself down and thought about it being Valentines day, and how I could incorporate that into Fancy Friday and created this…….. Ta Dah!  “Champagne & Kisses”!

Cardigan – Tesco (can be found here)
Dress – New Look (no longer available, but there are lots and lots of similar skater dresses out there)
“A Little Sparkle” Hair flower by Off With Her Head Millinery (Facebook) (also can be found on  Etsy)

I know you have seen the cardigan before (review blog can be found here), but although I am rather partial to a bit of hair/head bling, and plenty of it has made it’s way on to my blog, I am pretty sure you have not seen this beautiful hair flower before…. And I thought it was rather fitting with it being February the 14th!  How many of you have had champagne today???

I think that I might just make my Dress Up/Fancy Friday “Fascinator Friday”, something introduced to me by the worderful Lisa at Off With Her Head Millinery (Facebook), and I’ve got some new ones coming……

What have you done today to make it that little more special, if anything?

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BIG Love

S x

2 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge #3: Dress Up / Fancy Friday – "Champagne & Kisses *MWAH*

  1. Fabulous! I love the way you’ve taken all these challenges head on and are just steaming through them like a force of fashion! I also particularly like your idea of Fascinator Friday, very creative and innovative angle on the theme 😀

    Thanks so much for participating, I’ve saved the pic and link and updated my post with the shoutouts alongside the other bloggers to help promote the theme and all of our blogs 🙂

    All the best and look forward to any other Fancy Fridays posts you make, I’m honoured to have fit into your busy and impressive schedule! 🙂

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