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The amazing Anita Bellamy (Plus Confidence in You) does so much for the Plus Size community and promotion of body confidence, that when she posted about getting involved with an absolutely audacious Definition of Size Exhibition (also see Bloggers Art Piece for the Definition of Size Exhibition) initially by doing a blog post entitled Bloggers Talk Confidence I was so there!  Here is what Anita said about it:

As part of this I am arranging a BLOGGERS CHALLENGE to help spread the word of positive body image and body confidence!

What It’s All About?

Do you have an image that you love or something that you have always wanted to say to people about the way they see each other or themselves? Literally any sort of image goes – anything that you feel shows off body confidence and happiness to you!

 This could simply be you having a coffee enjoying your day, a night out with friends, having dinner with the family, a holiday snap anything you like… Just look through your images. Even if it is in picture form take a picture and say how you feel.

What You Need To Do!

All we ask is that you post on your social media and/or your blogs on the 30th June 2014 at around 4pm. Share your posts here and on your social media so we can all support each other. This is open to ANYONE who has ever had body issues or understands what this can mean to people and those who want to stand for a change in the way we see each other.

Also I would love for this help to spread the word of Plus Confidence and the exhibition we are arranging.

Some people that have known me for several years would tell you that I have probably always been confident, but I really haven’t…. As a big girl, we try to over compensate for the fact we are big, we become the “Bubbly Fat Friend”, and the “Life & Soul” of the party to cover up the fact of how we really feel inside.

There were clothes I wanted to wear that I wouldn’t, because a girl my size just wouldn’t would they?  I remember coming up to my 9th birthday and I was having a party and going shopping with my Mum and Nan and so so so wanting the black satin Sandy from Grease trousers but being talked out of it by everyone because they “just don’t suit you sweetheart” and going with a very lovely, but not quite what I wanted, pink gingham summer dress instead.  This was the norm for years and years to follow.

I can remember being in a row with someone and being called a Fat Cow!  At the time, only being 18 yrs old, I can remember being absolutely devastated, but if someone said it to me today I would probably turn around and say, “Yep, I’m fat, and Yep, I am being a bit of a cow…. you are absolutely right!” Lol! I’m not afraid to say I am fat now, because it doesn’t make me a bad person and I know that I, as many others too, are still beautiful!

Now having found out firstly, I am not alone, realising I may be a bit larger than what Society dictates, but I am beautiful and can be sexy, some 31 years later I can do this and not feel ashamed, the need to cover it up with the tents I used to wear, and I want to show everyone what I can do and tell them they can do it to0!  Sorry if this is a bit too much for some of you….

photo 2 (1)
Photographer: PCM Photography

Pushing those boundaries to their limit! (Photo Shoot 18/06/2014)


Me 18 months ago….. (head to toe in black and a BIG floaty scarf to hide those lumps & bumps)


And enjoying time with my friends for my recent Birthday celebrations (31/052014)

Now that I push the boundaries with my fashion, wearing what the hell I want, including a cheeky little fascinator from time to time (my Nan really doesn’t like my hair bling…. Lol!), I get so many positive comments, which just continues to boost my confidence.  If others just stepped outside their comfort zone a bit (maybe not quite as much as I have above… Lol!)each day they too may find that it aint all that bad, it’s just about taking that deep breathe, thinking who cares what you think its all about what I think, they might just get the shock of their life….. And it’s never too late, do it today and join us in our campaign, and be sure to let me and Anita know how it went.

I can really thank finding the Plus Size Blogging Community for helping me find my new confidence, showing me how to stick two fingers up at society, and start loving being me…. It may have taken me 40 years, but I got there in the end!

Be sure to drop by the Facebook Event Page, Bloggers Talk Confidence, from 4pm GMT Monday 30th June and for the duration of the week to see everyone’s posts!

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BIG Love

S x



12 thoughts on “Bloggers Talk Confidence!

  1. Bloody hell the difference in you then and now is amazing! You were kind of dead behind the eyes before, and you also looked a lot older. You’ve taken years off. That’s what confidence does to you! x x x

  2. Hell Yeah you look AMMMMMMAZING. You can tell the difference in the pictures that you are just so much happier and flipping eck you look hot as hell in the photoshoot pic. Thank you for sharing your journey <3 xx

  3. You glow in your birthday photo. Your confidence makes you look younger and it makes you chose styles that much better suits you. You’re a colourful fantastic woman and not a frumpy woman who dresses decades older than you are. 🙂 xx

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