Blogtober 2014

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Hey there Treacles!

I recently saw that the lovely Nikki of Natty Nikki was planning a little challenge, and she invited anyone who fancied it to join in!  I thought why the heck not…. so here we are!

This is just a quick intro to what it is all about, but also check out Nikki’s post here.

Nikki put together the header and the themes for the month, and if you fancy joining in too, just grab these pics and pop them on your post as well… also, don’t forget to add #blogtober so we can all find each other!  Here is what to expect during the month:


I’m not promising that I will manage to stick to this daily, but that is the joy of these kinds of challenges, you do what you can when you can, and hopefully you will enjoy my little ramblings, and I look forward to seeing yours!

So here is to #blogtober 2014!

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BIG Love

S x


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