Hannah is Shaving her Head for Charity ** Blogger Charity Challenge Post **

Today it is all about Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion.  Hannah is one of the many amazing ladies I have met (albeit in the cyber sense) since I have found this uber awesome community of Plus Size Bloggers!  I always knew from the off that she was pretty incredible, but she is now about to take herself beyond the realms of awesomeness and do something that deserves the utmost respect.  She wanted to do something for a local charity, one that maybe sometimes gets bypassed for the more established charities, and this is what she decided…..

Hi lovelies!

As you know, I’m raising money for Hartlepool Families First by shaving off my hair! So, the challenge is, to style your hair in a wacky style, or to pop on your favourite hair accessory and then to post a little bit about what I’m doing and how to donate.
SO here is my info.

I have decided that I want to shave my hair off for charity because honestly, I’m not fit enough to run a marathon, I’m too chicken to do a boxing day dip and I’m too lazy to do a sponsored clean!

I currently work for Cleveland College Of Art & Design as Students’ Union President and we have been working with the lovely people over at Hartlepool Families First since September on bits and pieces, but now I want to do something really big and really help an amazing charity out who do so much for the local community. I wish I could explain to you all the amazing work that HFF do, but honestly they do so much I’d be writing forever! However here are a few of the amazing things they do. 

They empower the deaf community by putting on health related and social activities. They offer a health bus service to monitor peoples lives and help them to not develop long term conditions. They have a special needs home support scheme to support parents/carers and even offer specialist and stimulating toys and play equipment. They offer one to one support for young adults and children with behavioural issues and additional needs such as autism. There are so many other amazing things that they do, but I would be listing them all day!

So with that in mind, I’m going to cut off my precious hair! Those who know me know how vain I am (not a day goes by without a selfie) and so this is going to be a huge step for me, which is why I’m asking for your support to raise as much money as I possibly can for such a brilliant charity! To donate, visit http://www.justgiving.com/hannahboal or text HCUT88 £ (then any amount from 1-10) to 70070!

Thank you,”

I am always up for helping and supporting my fellow bloggettes, and even more so when such a worthy cause is involved, so I jumped at the chance to help Hannah out, and with the theme at hand it was right up my street!

I have somewhat an obsession (maybe even a problem) when it comes to hair and head-wear…. Here is a little bit of a peek at my collection (there are possibly 2 scarves not featured and 1 hair flower)…..

To try and pick out a favourite is almost beyond impossible, but I decided on this one as it was a bespoke piece made for me having won a prize.  This was made with my beautiful Collectif Faye Doll Dress in mind, so I decided to put the whole lot on today…. Yes I know, a bit OTT for the office, but who cares, this is for you Hannah!




I have featured the ladies who make my head-wear previously, but if you want any further info please give me a shout as I don’t want to post it here as this is all about Hannah!

I’ve made my donation to Hannah’s worthy course, be sure you do as well as follow her blog to see how she gets on next week!

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BIG Love

S x

P.S. This week this post will also double up as my “Fancy Dress Up Friday” Post… For obvious reasons! x

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  1. Wow, you look so lovely in this. Amazing. 🙂 And I’m with you on the hair accessories. I love them!! Hats, scarfs, flowers, clips you name it. It’s very brave of Hannah to do it, I wouldn’t have dared to. xx

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