It Starts Now!


I am officially on a spending ban, and I have to stick to it!  It has all finally come to a head with the hubby, and I have to do this…..  Thankfully we are not in debt, but there is nothing spare at the end of the month, and when you tally up what I have spent that I haven’t really needed to spend, how much would we have in the spare pennies pot to do things like go on holiday etc., which subsequently is currently on hold!

I have even been considering contacting a counsellor today, but then I think am I really that bad, but then maybe that is a sign of someone who is really that bad!?!?!


I have a couple of payments I need to make this month that I am committed to, but everything else is now on hold, even my £20.00 foundation will have to wait!

I am definitely going back to read some of my good buddy Leah’s posts over at  Just Me, Leah, as in the past she has really helped me with this “issue” I have, and I know she will help me again…. She truly is a kindred spirit, and another reason I am thankful for finding this community.

So, I am going to set myself a little challenge that every time I get that Top Gun feeling…. “I feel the need, the need to spend!” I’m going to come on here and write a little post all about how I am feeling, and maybe have a rummage in amongst my stash of clothing / beauty products and come up with some new fresh ideas using what I already have, which ties in nicely with the “Shop Your Stash” challenge I’m part of, but have not managed to meet this month yet!


I have set myself spending bans before but I just don’t stick to them, that necessary unnecessary item starts winking at me and we all know what happens then, but I really have to step away from it this time, so wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!

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BIG Love

S x

7 thoughts on “It Starts Now!

  1. Good luck hon! You can do it. I’m not doing so well on the not spending front this month myself, but I have definitely got better than I was. Practice makes perfect! x x x

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I love fashion and I love shopping, but I’m also an emotional spender. I also look at my clothes and think ‘oh my god I could have gone on holiday with this lot!’, so you’re definitely not alone there either. Good luck- I know you can do it! So looking forward to Plus North now- going to bring a case full with me! xx

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