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Love EVERY Body is a monthly body positivity workshop, set up by the absolutely fabulous Leah, FOR ALL BODY SIZES where we will attempt to slowly chip away at the body snark which permeates the media, water cooler conversations at work, and so many of women’s thoughts.  You can find more info on the workshop here.

This is my second month of being part of this amazing workshop, but overall number 5.  I still need to catch up on the months I have missed, and do still intend to in time, but this month it is all about our tummy, and this is what Leah said….

Sunday 6th April 2014 Assignment #5 – Stomach/waist. How do you feel about your stomach/tummy? Maybe it bears the marks of carrying a child. Maybe it looks different than it did years ago. Maybe an operation scar has changed the way you feel about it. For many people this is one of the areas we most dislike, so I don’t doubt this month’s assignment will be difficult, for myself included.

What can I say, my tummy is big!  It has been smaller in it’s time, it has been slightly bigger (not much mind), but generally speaking it has been big more than it has been small.  When I was pregnant one of my neighbours was dubious about asking whether I was expecting in case it was I had just eaten a few more pies, and another neighbour hadn’t even noticed until my daughter was here and almost 2 weeks old!  Here you can see why!

Pregnant Tummy! I actually think this tummy is smaller than today’s tummy….

I never try to draw too much attention to it.  In the past I have been known to wear as baggy as possible clothing, but I have worked out over the last few years this does not always help, so have started to wear more fitting clothing to try and show off some of the good points about my shape, but I still don’t think you are likely to see me in a bikini or a crop top anytime soon!

From a side view my tummy protrudes from just under my boobs, but from a forward facing view you can see I do have a waist… You can read a bit more about how I feel about my waist here in my “Your Are Good Enough” post….




Today’s tummy!  This is such a milestone post for me, I never in a million years would have thought I would EVER post such pictures out there for the World to view… (apologies for the grubby mirror… Memo to self, must clean the mirror!)

Another good thing, and I think it has to be the best thing, about my tummy is it housed my daughter for 9 months whilst I was pregnant, giving her warmth and nourishment until she was ready to make it in to this World.  There were stretch marks already visible, but now there are more, which show that I have given someone life.  I have a hanging apron, which I really don’t like, but under this is the scar I now have from the caesarean section I had to have when I gave birth….. Something again I am very proud of.

My little bundle of pink is now 5 years old and very often lays on my tummy for snuggles, so it isn’t all bad is it……

How do you feel about your tummy?

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BIG Love S x

9 thoughts on “Love EVERY Body #5 – Stomach/Tummy

  1. I am indifferent to mine. I think just by posting these that hopefully we can make more people aware that we are all in different shapes and sizes.

    The acceptance of stretch marks as proof of giving life is a wonderful way to think of them. Mine are from eating too much, but I think most women have them, whatever size.

    1. I definitely had them before, they are not all from child birth, but they are all part of me…. I too eat too much, obviously, and I am sure that a lot of people have them, even the size 6’s amongst us. We all just need to accept who we are, realise we are all beautiful and make society see it the same way! x

  2. Thanks for sharing your feelings and photos. Everyone has stretch marks, even my hubby. They’re as natural as breathing, especially when there’s been a wee nipper in there for 9 months. Your tummy looks cute as all hell. x x x

  3. I think most people have stretch marks, no matter the size. Most days I don’t even remember I have them. Hah! Great post! 😀

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