MissGuided: Here's What I Would Have Spent Blogger Challenge

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I wanted to talk to you today about the brand MissGuided.  You may have seen recently that they have extended their ranges to include a plus size range, covering sizes up to a UK24!  This is fab, however, there is always a big but, and not just mine, isn’t there…..?  What about all the lovely ladies out there who don’t fit into the up to a size 24 category, and even still, if you are like me and you just about do, what about all the standard size clothes they still don’t make in those bigger sizes?????????

So when it was suggested by the lovely Debz a #HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent challenge centred around MissGuided, I thought what a great idea!

I have yet to buy from the MissGuided+ range as yet, I am waiting to see a few more of the other bloggers reviews to get a good idea of the sizing first, but I thought I would give you a little idea of what I would really like to see in plus size from the standard range, so here you go!

Kreta Skater Dress with Crocheted Daisy Trim – £19.99
Zazula Faux Suede Biker Jacket – £39.99
Sadie Cut Out Ankle Boots with Gold Metal Trim – £24.49
Renama White Faux Leather Clutch Bag – £14.99

Total amount I would have spent = £99.46!  Interesting eh?

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6 thoughts on “MissGuided: Here's What I Would Have Spent Blogger Challenge

    1. Thanks Karen! Being a 24 can be a bugger at times, I know more and more brands are going to that size, but if they are a small cut there is nowhere to go with it….. I also believe if you are going to cater for Plus Size do it bloody properly and cater for Plus Size, don’t do half a job! x

      1. Absolutely – there is nothing more frustrating than having that cut off point… ridiculous really!!! Also, like you say if it’s a small cut or non stretchy material then we’re all outta options 🙁 K xo

  1. Just got here via your recent SB post (I’m very behind on my blog reading!)

    I’m a size 22-24 on top, but since I’m pear shaped I can be anything up to a 30 on bottom. Which means for dresses and tops, I’m usually okay with brands that go up to 24, but I’m very much more restricted when it comes to buying trousers, jeans and shorts. Which is why so much of my wardrobe these days is dress+leggings! It would be amazing if retailers pushing their plus size ranges actually did *true* plus sizes!

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