Plus Size Blogger Promise Challenge

Taking inspiration from the awesome Katt from A Curvy Cupcake, Debz came up with the idea that group of us  do a Plus Size Promise blogger challenge.  Basically you blog 5 things that you promise yourself this summer – Positive things where possible – I promise to wear bright colours, I promise not to cover my arms, I promise not to listen to negativity etc.

Having felt quite down of late (I know, that isn’t allowed), this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time! So here are my plus size promises to myself, and every time I start to feel I’m swaying away, I will come back here to remind myself……

1. Experiment with clothes outside my comfort zone…. I might be pleasantly surprised!


I did this recently and tried a more fitting item of clothing, bodycon style, and it worked, in fact it worked really well! I’ve decided I need more of this style of clothing in my wardrobe, and I’m going to make it happen one way or another, but hopefully not breaking #2 of my promises!

2. Spend less and shop my wardrobe more!


I have a real issue, my name is Sarah and I am a shopaholic, and it needs to stop!  My main issue is when I’m feeling low I need a pick-me-up, and what better way than with a new pretty for my wardrobe.  But, having done this so many times now there are lots of pretties already in there, so I’m going to try and shop my wardrobe instead of spend the pennies…. Wish me luck!

3. Wear what makes ME happy, even if it is a bit out there!


Yes, this isn’t quite Tesco attire, and this pic really is a little bit OTT, but you get the idea.  I had fun putting this look together for a recent blog post, and I am going to put more effort into how I feel and not what other people are going to think if I wear “that”.

4. Not beat myself up if something doesn’t fit/suit me.



I’ve had some real issues recently with clothing due to sizing, and my shape etc. but I’m not going to beat myself up anymore and get down about it, I am not alone, and I shall tell myself it isn’t me that’s the problem (because it really isn’t)….. So, I shall just to take my next piece of advice and move on.

5. And finally……


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Will you be making your own Plus Size Promise this summer?

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11 thoughts on “Plus Size Blogger Promise Challenge

  1. I love the first photo so much. You know you have inspired me to try a bodycon dress now… I never wear them, so time for me to do so!!! Love your attitude too lady. 🙂

  2. Amazing promises … I love the shopping from your wardrobe, this is something I really don’t do that much but really should!!!

    C xx

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