#PSBloggerLove Challenge

I have voiced my love of being part of the Plus Size Community on many occasions, so when Debz suggested a challenge to share some love around I was there like a rat up a drainpipe!

How it works is we have all been allocated  fellow blogger, secret santa style, and we share with you, our lovely readers, what we love about them, their blog etc.  What a fab way to share the love eh?

I was given the lovely Vicky from The Randomness of Twee, and oh, I cannot tell you how pleased I was!!!!

I have yet to meet the lovely lady, so I can’t share any memories of times shared together, that is yet, but what I do absolutely love about her is I already know she is a true kindred spirit and the minute we do meet we will get on like a house on fire!  Not only are we of very similar age, there is a mere 12 months or so between us, but being an avid reader of her blog, I can see we have a whole heap in common, in fact, when I read her “About Me” piece, it could actually be me…. not to mention our shared love of similar style, I have even bought items from her when she has had a blog sale because I just ADORE her style!!!!!


Me want them there shoes!!!!!


The lady has some serious style!!!! Do you think she would notice if I just stole her whole wardrobe???


So, to cut along story short, I think we are in fact twins, born a year apart, and separated at birth…. yeah I know, impossible, but  you get my drift, and I can’t wait to meet the beautiful lady in the flesh, so that next time I can share some pics of us together…..

Have you read Vicky’s blog?  If not, make sure you do, and keep sharing the love.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for #PSBloggerLove across all the usual social media platforms.

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BIG Love

S x

4 thoughts on “#PSBloggerLove Challenge

  1. Thanks Sarah it is a beautiful blog, we will meet one day and you featured my favourite outfit too the junk food dress so blooomin easy to wear. Lovin your style too lady xxx

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