#PSBYouAreGoodEnough – Plus Size Bloggers You Are Good Enough

So yet again the amazing Debz from The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess did a shout out earlier in the month and came up with another awesome blog challenge for those interested.  And this is what she said about it:

“The idea comes from Smile and Spread the Word – Tumblr –  I have spoken to them & they are happy for me to adapt the idea for my own.  On the 18th March I would love us all to do a set of You Are Good Enough posts and photos on our blogs. 

 In the post I would like you to talk about something about your body that you like. I’d really like the post to be kept as positive as possible (we all have bits we hate, but I really want this to be something positive) and then of course the “You Are Good Enough” hand photo as per the Tumblr above.”

As I continue my journey to size acceptance, this was right up my street, so here goes my contribution! 

As we all know I am a vertically challenged fat bird living in a society which frowns upon you if you don’t quite meet the pre-requisit size, shape etc, and having recently jumped on the Love EVERY Body band wagon as well, my first post being about the “Elmer Fudds” (see my post here) I actually found that all in all I wasn’t unhappy at being well endowed, and I then started to think about other positives about my body and also realised that I have a waist!!!!!  I am not a complete cube just because I’m fat, I have curves and I have shape which should be flaunted and celebrated, and as I slowly come to terms with who I am I continue to do this.  There are still parts of us we won’t be happy with (for me it’s my neck and chin(s)), but I will get to grips with them also in time, I know I will, but for now I’m just loving the waist…..

IMG_1395082609673 IMG_1393853854171 IMG_1393596214554 IMG_1393444796012 IMG_20140224_162623_edit_2 IMG_20140215_123817_edit IMG_00001069_edit IMG_00001034_edit_edit


Can you see the waist??????

Which bit of you do you like the best?  I would really like to hear about it.

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BIG Love S x

2 thoughts on “#PSBYouAreGoodEnough – Plus Size Bloggers You Are Good Enough

  1. Hooray for this post and for all the very, very pretty outfits. What a glorious reminder that sometimes it is not just about self-acceptance but about self-celebrating!

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