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Hey there peeps!

I’m behind on posts, I have a couple I really need to do, but I need to tell you about the last couple of days which have been absolutely amazing!!!!

If you live in the UK and don’t reside under a rock, you will have been hard pushed to avoid the fact that firstly the fats united and were seen on Ch4….. And, which is more shocking, in a positive light! I have the utmost pleasure to have met at least one of the beauties featured, and call them a good friend, with three of the others having made connections with over Social Network, and they are such inspirational people.  The programme I am talking about was Plus Sized Wars, and it featured Georgina, Callie, Danie, Bethany and most importantly, my amazing friend Hannah!  These ladies showed you in their own special, and inspirational way, how you can love yourself, whatever your size.

All the Beauty! Danie, Callie, Bethany & Georgina

It also featured the jaw droppingly gorgeous Tess Holliday (previously Tess Munster), who through hard work and perseverance is now really making a difference in the plus size/body positive community.  If you haven’t come across Tess before (which I doubt is the case) you really need to find her now!

Hannah with Tess at the Yours Clothing Meet Nov ’14

The even more amazing thing for me, personally, is that albeit on a much much smaller scale I was seen on more than one occasion in this documentary!  Yes, I was just your average fat shopper, but I was there, you even see me in my Easy Breezy Shorts and bra at one point! I was even featured in a clip used during an interview with Callie the same day on This Morning…. Eek!  You have no idea how proud I am to have even been one small miniscule part of this positive programme with these amazing individuals.  I think Andy Wahol was right, and this was my 15 minutes (nanosecond) of fame…. haha!

Unfortunately, with all the good vibes floating around there is always some idiot to go and spoil it, and just when you thought it was safe, Jamelia (Who?  Her off Loose Women and once upon a time pop star – if that is what you call it) goes and says that plus size fashion should not be readily available on the high street, and that “they” should be made to feel uncomfortable when “they” can’t find their size?  Who are these “they” she is referring to?????  Well, following a half cocked attempted at an apology, it seems the “they” she is referring to is anyone under a size 6 and over a size 20….. so one of the “they” is in fact me!

As you can well imagine, this struck a bit of a raw nerve within the plus size community, and Debz came up with the idea that the fats unite again along with the under a size 6’s as well, came up with the hashtag #WeAreTheThey and take Twitter by storm!  It was amazing! I got so engrossed in it, I almost forgot to go to bed.  You could actually feel the positivity coming through from all angles of the social network, and it just left an amazing warm fuzzy feeling inside of me.

The more I posted, the more I felt determined not to be victimised by anyone for my size, I would not allow myself to feel ashamed for being a size 22/24, and Jamelia and anyone else who cared to make my size their business could kiss my big fat mahoosive bootay!


Don’t feel like you are too late to the party, it’s still going strong!  We managed to trend at #2 in the UK, see if we can make it to #1 today!




So I say to all you under a size 6, over a size 20, and everyone one of you in-between, may be not as eloquently as the lovely ladies all mentioned above, but you will get my gist, your size, weight, health, life in general is nobody’s business but your own.  Live life the way you want to live it, wear what the fuck you want and remember you are beautiful!

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9 thoughts on “All The Feels!

  1. I saw he apology on Loose women and almost laughed at how they tried to down play it and rally round a visibly shamed Jamelia. She works in the public eye on a topical debate show no less so should be acutely aware of her impact on the media and how she represents herself.
    I’m fairly new to the plus size blogging world and always looking out for opportunities to meet and get to know like minded people too 🙂

    1. The apology, for me just made it worse, she singled out a group of people and then singled out another two sets of people in one swoop! The woman is a complete buffoon! You couldn’t have picked a better group of people to meet x

  2. A great post chick! I have never been so involved on Twitter in my life! I felt so positive and upbeat and the whole hashtag had lifted my spirits so high. It’s been ages since I bothered to wear make-up, or put on nice clothes, just to work (from home) and I’m even letting the shitty comments that inevitably appear on the timeline wash right over me! Today, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m winning at life! xx

  3. I was completely buzzing, I still am! It has been such a positive week this week, I am somewhat overwhelmed and full of love for the community we are part of…. just amazing! x

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