Always look on the PLUS SIZE of Life!

So, I have continued this week to look on the PLUS SIZE of Life, even though it has been a bit of a mixed bag….

I saw my first born, and very likely only born, go to big school for the first time this week…. She looked so grown up as she walked to school in her uniform and her backpack, which for most of the littlies going into Reception is nearly as big as them! Mummy managed to hold it all together, but let’s just say it did pull at the heart strings.  This was the only day this week I didn’t put the war paint on, that morning it was all about Minnie Me and big school, no time for Mummy’s to put their make up on, but I think I can be forgiven (I still put it all on today to go to Tesco!).

I also lost my “Outfit of the Day” photographer this week :-(….. I am now going to have to master full length selfies as my very good friend Pix has now gone to pastures new.  It has happened to me on two occasions now in my working lift to find people who I only actually work with for a couple of months, but they end up being definite kindred spirits, and life long friends!  The funniest thing of all, is they both have the same name!  Must be something about Paula’s…. They are FAB!  I wish her all the best in her new job, but I am concerned about conquering full length selfies :-s

The highlight of my week has only just taken place!  One of the aforementioned Paula’s asked me for some help in putting an outfit together…… I gladly accepted this challenge and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  It was as much fun being an online/virtual Personal Shopper for someone else as it was shopping for myself.  I really got a buzz out of picturing the outfit in my head and heading off in search of the individual components to re-create this.  Obviously Paula had given me an idea of what she was looking for, but I think we both had fun.  She has now gone off to assemble this look ready for a night out and I look forward to seeing a pic once she has completed her mission!  The downside to this is that whilst in search of Paula’s outfit, I have now found lots of other items I want to add to my wardrobe…. Oh dear!

I have missed a couple of “Outfits of the Day”, so I have put these below.  My fave of the two is the Red & Black ensemble (I have now bid on a new bag on eBay which would finish this off a treat…. if I win no doubt it will make an appearance here!).  I think this is also very slimming, so a definite winner in my books!  Both of these outfits have been created from a number of items I have had kicking around believe it or not, with the exception of the red belt (previously featured) and my fab Slimma leggings in the other pic via SimblyBe… A must have for any Plus Size Wardrobe in my opinion! Oh, and of course my fab new Bumpits purchased via eBay to give my retro hairstyle a bit of volume in the red & black pic!







Well, I hope you have enjoyed my babblings once again, any questions do feel free to ask, but all in all, keep looking on the PLUS SIZE of life and you won’t go wrong!

BIG Love!

Sarah (AKA Mrs Plus Size & Proud) xxx


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