Boudoir Babes!

TGI Friday Peeps! I do hope the week has been kind to you….

This time last week I was on countdown to spend the weekend with some amazing ladies, and I thought I would tell you all about it.

First up is the stunning Sonya, mum of two beautiful children and owner of The Burgandy Boudoir! How I met Sonya is a bit of a long story, and I am feeling generous today and won’t bore you with the details; however, let’s just say that ever since it has been a love affair between me and, well, Sonya’s corsets!



Sonya definitely believes that all women of all size and shape are beautiful and deserve to bring sexy back, and as she stocks a wide range of plus size corsets and lingerie, found here, she had been thinking about featuring some larger ladies showing off her stock on her website…. Step in me!  I am so very pleased that Sonya felt I had the right look, even being a short, fat old bird, to show her stock off at it’s best, and in order to give some comparison she thought she would strut her stuff too!  So we started to look into how we could do this.  Step in Woman Crush numero deux, Chiara Aprea Session Photography!


Having been part of the Plus Size Community for 12 months now, I had seen Chiara’s work before, the way this woman has captured many a plus size babe’s beauty on film cannot be given the justice it deserves by just words…. When we saw she had an offer on for a boudoir shoot, Sonya and I jumped at the chance of arranging it.  Chiara offers a full package, hair, make-up and photography (she models too!), so we arranged an over night stay, Sonya’s shoot on the Saturday and mine on the Sunday.  This lady has such a talent, from getting your look right, to making you feel so comfortable and relaxed and getting that awesome finished result, and all from the confines of her bedroom…. Yes, this was all created in a bedroom!

To be fair, it is almost if not impossible to give these corsets and the photographer the recommendation they deserve in a blog post, so I think I will just let the photos speak volumes!


IMG-20140928-WA000 facebook-20140928-190655

To this….   DSC_0715 sarah 1 DSC_0760 sarah

And this… IMG_20140927_142716 IMG_20140927_153917

To this….


Pretty amazing eh?

If you haven’t checked out either of these ladies before you really should, and what better time than now and starting with Sonya’s blog post about our experience which can be found here.

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BIG Love

S x



7 thoughts on “Boudoir Babes!

  1. Oh my gosh…simply beautiful. Wish I could wear the hairstyles, but have hardly any hair to style. lol. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous pictgures.

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