Countdown to the 80's….

So, I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I haven’t felt I’ve had much to share, so didn’t want to home you! I’ve had lots going through my tiny little brain…. 1) How can I become a stylist/image consultant/personal shopper for us larger than life individuals; 2) Spare a thought for the skinnies who want to be fatties; and the biggest question which needs answering of all 3) What do I wear for an 80’s night when although I love the music, the fashion is not high on my list of likes!

This week started a little flat, having gone for my monthly dietician and have stayed exactly the same weight this month, but I think the body shape could be on the change, and, the best things of all is the blood pressure was the best it has been for years at 110/70!

But, another thing you have missed by me being so quiet are some Outfit of the Day pics, so here are three from this week….


IMG_1379413236091 IMG_1379867259763 IMG_1379869392662

The French Look (wasn’t what I was aiming for, but hey ho), The Rock Chick Look and the Not Sure What to Name It Look!

The Rock Chick Look went down well with my Dad (I think he is an ageing rocker!)

I have also been trying to perfect the make up again this week, and the eyes are really proving to take the most time!  One minute it is perfect the next one eye is, one eye isn’t!  I think I need to go on a make up course…. Mmm…. May be an Xmas present ????


I did see a fabulous article on the Daily Mail Online, about a 311-pound lady who spent 30 days sharing photos of herself nearly naked.  Now that really is someone with body positive views, and well done her! I wish there were more of us out there who could take this view and make Society realise there are some big beautiful women out there…  And don’t you forget it!

BIG Love

Sarah xxx

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