Florence & Fred FTW…. AGAIN!

I apologise now for sounding like a broken record, but here is my third OOTD post this week and yes, yet again, I am gushing over my mates F&F and another bargain picked up on the sale rack at my local Tesco!!!

Today’s ensemble is another jersey dress, floral this time, which I think gives a tea dress look, and as you may have all deduced I do like the vintage look. I teamed this dress with a black cardi, an old faithful F&F purchase from last year. Again, due to the jersey fabric, I think this definitely clings to the right curves, and I got away with the 22 again (Yay!), and in my opinion, very flattering. I wasn’t sure about the lace detail on the shoulders to start with, but at £8.00 I wasn’t going to let it put me off, and now I’ve worn it I actually really like it! This dress is a little longer than the black and white heart dress I wore the other day, so for the taller amongst us (let’s be honest that’s pretty much everyone compared to me at 4’10”), it may be preferred, but they are both winners in my opinion!  I think I love these dresses so much because they are perfect items for my work wear wardrobe as well as being able to be dressed up for a shopping or lunch date.

I’m sure I’ve just hit F&F/Tesco at the right time these past couple of weeks and it will be months before I find anything else, but I’m keeping everything crossed as their clothing range is very affordable for just about everyone’s budget.


Apologies for my continued bad hair, you will all be pleased a new do is scheduled for Saturday…. Oh, I feel a new blog update could be on the cards that day!!!!

I know I keep promising a review of my uber cute Cardigan, and I am planning to wear this tomorrow, so watch this space!!

In the meantime, BIG Love and take care

S x

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