Happy Birthday To…..? Oh, That'll Be Me!

So, I’ve been harping on about this for month’s now, and we have had a couple of weeks build up as well, but today is the day I turn 40!!!! Technically speaking, based on the time I was actually born, I still have a couple of hours, but all in all I am now officially heading into my 40th year.  How do I feel?  Do I feel 40?  The answer is most of the time no!  Occasionally the old bones etc. try to remind me, and my feet did swell up today, but other than that I feel pretty FATBULOUS…. Haha!

So this is what I wore today…. I am afraid I am running the risk of getting boring, as yet again I am wearing Taking Shape for the 3rd time this week, featured for the 4th time this week and aiming for a working week of TS outfits (watch this space)… I can’t help it if I like their stuff! This dress is again no exception, and to top it off it is a medium (UK20)!!!!  This is the Grace Maxi Dress, and is just about the right length to not have to be shortened (makes a change).  As I have said in a few posts recently I am loving the maxi dress, and being able to make it work, even at a mere 4ft10ins, I am in heaven!   I know this dress is very similar to the one I wore out on my night out (see the post about that here), but I think the Grace Maxi Dress is marginally more office friendly, and let’s face it, you can never have too many black or maxi dresses can you?  I was a lucky girl in that my friend gave me a £40.00 gift card to spend with Taking Shape for my birthday, and this is what I decided to spend my pennies on, and at only £35.00 I had some money left over to put towards something else!


I also had to wear my special birthday hair flower, courtesy of Off With Her Head Millinery!  Hopefully by now you are aware that I do love a piece of OWHH millinery, and if you sign up to a 12 month subscription to the Hair Flower of the Month Club, you too will be eligible for a bespoke handmade flower especially for your birthday!  Check out my post here which gives you all the links you need and, being part of the OWHH Millinery Street Team, a special code to get 10% off your first order!!!!  You won’t be disappointed.

Birthday Selfie!
Birthday Selfie!
Close Up of Birthday Hair Flower
Close Up of Birthday Hair Flower

So now, I am sitting chilling in my PJ’s waiting for the hubster to come home with steak… although he had given me the option of chop or steak…. No brainer!!!!  What was he thinking of even considering chop??????

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BIG Love

S x


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