Have I Gone Too Far?

Today I have been faced with wondering if I have taken all this body positive, love your curves etc. too far and have I turned into someone I never thought I would???

There I was taking one of my, now almost daily, selfie’s when the hubby pointed out to me that he had never known someone to love themselves so much and that I had gone from one extreme to the other and was turning into Katie Price! This really cut to the bone, and it really got me thinking, have I gone too far?

It is still my strong opinion to be happy in your own skin, love yourself – you have to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you (in my opinion), be body positive, and carry yourself with confidence…. But, we have all come across those women who do take it that step too far and we all know what we think and say about them!  Am I now one of them?  Do I need to take a step back and reassess where I am and where I am going with this new me?

I definitely think that from now on I will definitely look at those girls in a different light.  Are they too dealing with their inner demons and are they really fighting inside with who they are?  Were they just like me once and just wanted to make the most of themselves and just got a little wrapped up with the whole being confident with themselves? Or do they just genuinely love themselves?

Due to the nature of today’s post this will be a Selfie Free Zone……

Until next time Sweeties.

BIG Love

S x

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