Is Being Body Positive Bad for my Health?

So I am really starting to feel good about myself, happy in my skin, etc etc, but….. (there is always a but), am I starting to feel too comfortable with myself that I could slip out of the dieting zone?

For those of you that don’t know me personally, I have been seeing a dietician for some months now, as I had taken myself off to the doctors to ask for some help to lose some poundage for health reasons more than anything!  I had been doing really well and managed to lose a stone, however, I definitely don’t feel as though I am trying quite as hard as I could, I know I could try harder and I feeling the guilt today…..  With all this in mind, I ask the question, is being body positive bad for my health? I still think that we need to embrace who we are, but could this new found confidence actually be doing me more harm than good?

I read an article today on about a lady in the US who has found that she can make a very comfortable living by becoming a Plus Size Pin Up, and therefore maintains she will never try and lose weight again! So, it goes to show that once we feel that we are worthy of something or someone we can easily be lead down the wrong path!

I feel that the fact I am feeling the guilt today after eating 2 very reasonably sized jacket potatoes with tuna mayo and cheese (possibly not the healthiest of combos) there is still hope!  And I know that I will get back in the zone… eventually!  But, are there others out there who have fallen too far away from the wagon to possibly get back on?


Let’s hope this is true!

BIG Love

Sarah x

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