It's not always about the fashion…..!

Although I very much like my fashion (if you hadn’t noticed), and I like mixing it up, trying to look the best I can for a fat bird, and sharing my little bit of fat styling with you, it is a lot about being happy in the body we have been dealt, accepting our size, what ever it may be, fat, thin, tall, short…. and for me as you all know is short and fat!

The fat bird doesn’t have the monopoly on having issues with their bodies, I know there are an equal number of people out there that society would undoubtedly accept as being “normal”, “acceptable” and “pleasing to the eye”, yet when they look in the mirror they will see something completely different…  For me, however, it is all about accepting the fact I am fat!

In my quest to size acceptance, I have come across many inspirational individuals, the Plus Size Bloggers are simply amazing, and I’m always on the look out for other bloggers out there, and that’s when I found Dances with Fat, Ragan Chastain.  This lady is the absolute epitome of size acceptance for me (along with a number of others), and doing a massive shout out for the fatties amongst us… Fatties against society and all that!  If you haven’t already found her,  it could be that I am just late to the party (it wouldn’t be the first time), and you too are looking for that little bit of inspiration, check her out!

I have today bought her book in eBook format, and should have it in the next 24 hours, so do look out for a future review post.  You can get it here (eBook available for a donation) along with other goodies such as DVD’s, apparel  etc.

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BIG Love

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6 thoughts on “It's not always about the fashion…..!

  1. I have never heard of her, but I will definitely check her out. It is definitely not all about fashion. It is about loving our body and start enjoying life! 🙂 xx

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